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may the 4th be with you



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This pint-sized master of the Force may be small in stature, but his power knows no bounds.

Hand-carved from rare Yooperlite stone, this YODA figurine harnesses the energy of a galaxy far, far away. 

During the day, Yoda's serene expression and intricately detailed features capture his wisdom, patience and mastery of the Force.  But at night, turn out the lights and fire up your blacklight to see this Jedi legend shine like kyber crystals on the planet Ilum.  

YES, that's right.  YOOPERLITE IS UV LIGHT REACTIVE!  The fluorescent sodalite contained in the yooperlite will emit a color that appears as yellow, orange, red, or pink.

Keep this legendary leader by your side as a reminder that size matters not, and the Force will be with you.  Always.

DIMENSIONS:   2.5"  x  2.25"  x  3"

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