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Crocodile Rock



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These mesmerizing stones aren't just easy on the eyes.  Their swirling shades of green are like a visual lullaby for your soul, instantly transporting you to peaceful rainforests and tranquil meadows.

But beneath their beauty lies true power: Kambaba Jasper is a stone of growth and abundance, opening your heart to receive life's blessings.

Place one in your space and watch stagnant energies start to flow.  Creativity unclogs.  Fresh opportunities sprout up left and right.  Stress melts away as tranquility takes root.

Life's puzzle pieces start falling into place.  Deeper wisdom awakens.  There's magic in these vivid cubes, and their soothing energy will transform any room into your own lush, verdant oasis.

Welcome abundance and growth into your life - one transfixing shade of green at a time. 

DIMENSIONS:   2"  X  2"  X  2"

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