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  • peridot tree of life necklace in gold with amethyst atop selenite charging stone
  • Rainbow quartz crystal cluster for removing energy  blockages in all chakras
  • the backside of the peridot amethyst necklace
  • I love the reflection of the tree in the background here
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Moonstone Garden

Heart-Center Chakra bundle

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Tree of Life Peridot w/ Amethyst gold necklace and Rainbow Quartz crystal cluster. *Peridot is an Abundance stone that reduces stress and makes the heart "light"; bringing good health and restful sleep. A great reducer of anger and guilt; opens the heart to Joy and new relationships. Coupled with the Rainbow aura quartz crystal, this duo will undoubtedly remove unwanted energy blockages while cleansing and balancing the chakras. Great for high vibrational meditative work.

Chakras balanced: Heart and All Chakras

Horoscopes most affected: All Signs

*birthstone for August