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Divine Vibes



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Shrouded in mystery, the rare Green Tibetan Phantom Quartz crystal is a metaphysical marvel.

Its misty depths conceal shadowy green phantoms, the imprints of long-vanished crystals that awaken mystical wonder.

Believed to resonate with the heart chakra, this phantom quartz opens one to unconditional love and compassion.  It is said to dissolve emotional wounds and karmic ties, purifying the emotional body.

At its core glows a rare golden citrine formation that is said to open your solar plexus chakra, the seat of intuition and personal power.

For those seeking insight into spiritual purpose, the phantoms within are thought to be spiritual guides whispering ancient wisdom.

More than a mere gemstone, this phantom quartz is a cosmic vessel for healing and awakening.

To gaze into its emerald phantoms is to glimpse eternity itself.  A rare and powerful ally for the journey within.

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