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The Sleeper Has Awakened



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This fiery orb pulses with the ancient energy of dragon blood jasper, a stone of courage, passion and vitality. 

Its deep crimson hues swirl together like mystical flames, hinting at the primal life force contained within.  As captivating as a setting sun, one gaze into its depths is all it takes to feel your own inner fire awakening.

Dragon blood jasper has been revered for centuries as a talisman of empowerment, awakening the root chakra and filling one’s spirit with the audacity and vigor of an unbridled dragon.

It is the stone of primal passion, stimulating creativity, sexuality and ambition while vanquishing fears and self-doubts that hold one back from their true purpose.

Yet for all its intensity, dragon blood jasper also promotes balance, harmony and going with the flow.  It teaches how to wield power and passion with wisdom, empathy and grace.

This sphere radiates an energy both soothing and electrifying.  Gaze into its swirling beauty and feel your courage and vitality rising like an unstoppable inner sun.

The dragon within is ready to emerge.


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