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Fortune 501



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Gaze into the future with this stunning CRYSTAL BALL.  Crafted from high quality glass and set atop an ornate Shan Mu wood base, this orbuculum isn’t just a mystical curiosity, it’s a work of art.

Practice the ancient art of scrying to glimpse what fate may hold in store or use it as an eye-catching centerpiece to spark conversation.

Photographers will delight in its lensball effect, capturing trippy, inverted reflections of the world around it.

Let its crystal clarity inspire lucid flow of thought so that you may peer deeply within to find the answers you seek.  An object of beauty and mystery, it channels an ageless allure that transcends the bounds of the physical world.

After all, who among us hasn't wondered what the future may hold?  Now you can ponder that question through the prism of the past with this enchanting CRYSTAL BALL.

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