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Stoned Endeavor



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This luminous green and yellow jasper sphere is nature’s artwork.  Polished to a high sheen, its mottled surface swirls with vivacious color that seems lit from within.

More than a mere geological wonder, jasper is believed to have grounding and stabilizing properties, connecting us to the energy of the earth.

Place this sphere in your space to invite harmony and balance into your environment.

When times feel chaotic or stressful, hold the cool, solid orb in your hands to find your center once more.

However fleeting life’s moments may be, the beauty and power encapsulated within this timeless stone endure.

Let its radiance inspire you with the knowledge that even the most turbulent of seasons shall pass.

Amid the ever-changing tides, this GREEN/YELLOW JASPER SPHERE remains a fixed point, eternal as the turning of the earth itself.

DIAMETER:   2.25" 

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