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flashy blue



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This deep black and blue sphere with garnet inclusions seems to hold mysteries as unfathomable as the night sky.  Its inky hue conceals secrets yet to be revealed, truths waiting to be discovered.

More than a mere mineral, arfvedsonite is a window into the soul, a looking glass into your deepest self.  Gaze into its azure depths and feel your intuition awaken, your inner wisdom rise to the surface.

A stone of vision and insight, it expands consciousness and enhances perception.

Keep it close when seeking answers or clarity, and let its calming energy open your mind's eye.  Though small in size, its power is great.

A token of the eternal and infinite, this sphere holds the limitless potential of the cosmos within its grasp.  Let its beauty inspire you to reach for your own.

DIAMETER:  2.5"- 3.5"

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