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Kyanite Earrings

Kyanite Earrings

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These earrings aren’t just stylish—they’re spiritually stylish.

Made from Kyanite, a blue aluminum silicate mineral known for its metaphysical power, these stunners are said to open your throat and third eye chakras, enhancing communication and intuition.

Whether or not you buy into the woo-woo, one thing’s for sure: these earrings will make a statement as bold as your inner voice.

With their brilliant indigo hue and rectangular shape, they evoke a sense of tranquility and openness.

Slip these on when you need to speak your truth, tap into your inner wisdom or simply look good doing it.

Jewelry that aligns your energy and your look?  We’ll take one in every chakra color.

After all, who says you have to choose between fashion and new age vibrations?  Not us.  And certainly not these earrings.

Left Pair: 3/4" x 1"

Right Pair: 1/4" x 1"

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