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Stone's Throw Gems

African Zen Garden

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This crafted piece portrays a man meditating over white sand with a miniature rake for your spiritual adventure.  This Zen Garden dish holds items to help your energy and spirit.  The Smoky Quartz calms you while chasing off fears and doubts; send those negative feelings into the Bundle Ball to be trapped.  The Quartz is here to help you find wisdom, creativity, and focus if you are studying.  The Wood Block represents Leadership Quality along with a Stubborn or Difficult nature and can ground your strength and power to choose progressive paths.  Send any pain, illness, or ailment to the Common River Rock; let it take the emotional sickness that leads to physical manifestations.  Overall this unique Zen Garden is a wonderful centerpiece and reminder to take time for your Mental Health during each day at Home or Office. Peace and Blessings to you and yours!